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The iDeal Car Mount is a universal magnetic car phone mount that’s easier to use than buckling your seatbelt. Compatible with all phones and all cars, the unique Sticky Gel suction cup can be mounted on any surface, making it ideal for dashboards and windshields. Using the highest grade of N52 magnets, this product will hold your phone safely in place without interfering with any of the phone’s functions. High quality silicone maximizes friction to reduce slippage. With both the phone and the road in your line of vision, the iDeal Car Mount allows you to easily follow GPS directions, text, or take important calls. On exiting the car you can easily pop your phone from its cradle. The Car Mount also features 360° adjustment allowing for flexible everyday use. iDeal Car Mount comes with two 3M ultra-thin metal plates that can be placed on the phone or inside any case. iDeal Car Mount works seamlessly with iDeal magnetic cases and wallets.

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  • 품질보증 1년
  • 30일 내 반품 및 환불
  • 스웨디시 디자인 어워드 수상

• Compatible with all phones
• Compatible with all cars
• 100% safe
• Compatible with our range of cases and wallets
• 360 degree adjustment
• Includes 2x adhesive metal plates for all nonmagnetic cases

  • DHL 일반배송 8-15 영업일 4,000 ₩
  • UPS Express 특급배송 3-4 영업일 12,000 ₩


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