Hannalicious x iDeal of Sweden

Hanna Friberg’s first collection for iDeal Of Sweden was a huge success and a true bestseller. Now it’s time for the Swedish influencer, better known as @hannalicious, to release her second collection featuring five brand new cases! Hanna’s second collection for iDeal Of Sweden is noticeably bolder and more daring than the first.

The inspiration for Hanna’s new collection was born from her love of nature. She incorporated elements like subtle colors, gemstones, and pampas grass. Each case has an undeniably luxurious touch, pulling the collection together.

Golden Swirl

화이트와 골드는 현재 매우 트렌디한 컬러 조합으로

Rose Quartz Crystal

사랑의 스톤이라고도 불리는 장미 석영(Rose quartz).

Mojito Marble

Diamond Daze

다이아몬드는 불변의 보석입니다.

Flamboyant Feathers

대자연에 영감 받아 만들어진